Upper Cheyenne Online Access Permit Request

  • For Owners of Property within the Perry Park Metropolitan District. By Authority of Resolution No. R-002-16, Effective May, 2002, of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners

    The undeveloped area within Perry Park Metro District, accessed by Cheyenne Drive, has been restricted due to the risk of uncontrollable wild fire and the attractive nuisance created by the undeveloped roadways in this area. This potential fire danger places all the residents and property owners of Perry Park at risk to both life and property.

    Be notified that there is no approved access to Pike National Forest from the Upper Cheyenne area. All travel is restricted to the County roadways and any trespass on private property may be prosecuted.

    This permit shall be carried in the vehicle at all times while in the Upper Cheyenne area.

    Access is granted under the following conditions:

    1. All vehicles must be licensed by the State of Colorado and have proper insurance. ATV’S and off-road dirt bikes generally do not qualify.
    2. Each vehicle must have a shovel, mobile phone and a 2.5 pound Class ABC fire extinguisher, or five (5) gallons of water.
    3. Qualifying, and licensed, off-road vehicles must have U.S. Forest Service spark arrestors.
    4. Smoking is restricted to inside motor vehicles.
    5. Park only on roadways. Parking in high grass or weeds is prohibited due to the high temperatures of catalytic converters,
    6. All fireworks are prohibited.
    7. No fires allowed unless a burn permit is obtained from the Larkspur Fire Protection District.

    Any party that starts a fire, either intentionally or accidentally may be held responsible for the total cost of the fire suppression. Any unauthorized access is to be reported to the Douglas County Sheriff’s office at (303)-660-7500. All Fires are to be reported to 911.


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  • By typing your name in the signature field below, completing the captcha, and hitting submit, you agree to abide by the conditions outlined above on this form. You also understand the access lock may be changed at any time by the Perry Park Metro Board at which time a new permit must be filed to obtain access. Any violation will result in immediate revocation of the permit.
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