Upper Cheyenne Access

The undeveloped area, known as “Upper Cheyenne”, beyond the locked gate located at the end of the generally accessible length of Cheyenne Drive, is a VEHICULAR  RESTRICTED access area.

Vehicular access to the “Upper Cheyenne” area is prohibited except for County personnel and vehicles, emergency vehicles, and holders of a special use permit.  The general public, however, is permitted equestrian, pedestrian, bicycle, and other non-vehicular acess to the area without a permit.

Enforcement of the vehicle restriction is the responsibility of the “Douglas County Sheriff’s office, but the Perry Park Metro District is responsible for issuing and maintaing special use permits as well as issuing the necessary gate keys for access.

Property owners who wish vehicular access to the restricted area my obtain a gate key by:

  • NEW – Completing and submitting the access permit request online here:

Perry Park Upper Cheyenne Online Vehicular Access Permit Request

  • OR downloading, filling out, and submitting a completed copy of the Upper Cheyenne Permit form linked below to the Perry Park Metro District.  Please note the various conditions of permitted access as outlined in the permit:

Perry Park Upper Cheyenne PDF Vehicular Access Permit Request

All printed applications should be mailed to the Perry Park Metro Districted:

Perry Park Metro District
P.O. Box 0183
Larkspur, Co 80118

Alternately you my electronically fill in the PDF form, save (or print and scan your form), and email to “submit@perrypark.org” with the subject “Cheyenne Access Request”.