Local Animal Codes

The Perry Park Metro District is NOT responsible for animal codes/regulations, permitting and/or enforcement of within Perry Park Ranch.

All animal codes and regulations are primarily governed by county specific regulations relative to lot size, area designation, etc that define what animals are permitted/maintained.

For specifics of the Douglas county regulations please see the appropriate page/documents located on Douglas County website: Animal Regulations

Second to the County regulations are the individual covenants as outlined for each of the 12 different filings within the Park itself.

As an example, the Covenant noted in Perry Park Filing No. 3 states:

ANIMALS: No animals, livestock, poultry of any kind shall be housed, raised or kept on any tract or property, temporarily or permanently, except that commonly accepted domestic household pets may be kept, provided that they are not kept or maintained for any commercial purpose.

Enforcement of the specific covenants for each filing is the responsibility of the associated Architectural Control Committee.  See the Architectural Control & HOA page for more information.