Sentinel Viewing Faq

  • Why won’t my Ipad (IOS Device) open a link embedded in the Sentinel when I click on it?

The Safari browser embedded into IOS devices is set to block “Pop-Ups” by default. Open ‘Device Settings’, click on the ‘Safari’ section and set the “Block Pop-Ups” option to ‘No’.  IOS will now allow the embedded links to open but will always ask permission before actually opening the link.

  • I was told a new issue is available but I still see the old issue in my browser.

The browser being used is caching the previous (old) version of the page.   Try closing and reopening your browser.  Try hitting the refresh button on your browser.  Worst case locate the clear browser history section in the browsers options area and clear the browsers history.

  • How do I download a PDF version of the Sentinel?

On Flash/Desktop based devices click on the ‘download’ icon on the top feature bar above the displayed page/s (you may need to expand your window):


On Html5/Mobile devices click on the ‘more features’ icon on the top left of the screen (you may have to tap the screen to expose the bar) then click “Download”: