Noxious Weed Cost Share Grant – 2022

March 10, 2022

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 Noxious Weed Cost – Share Grant 2022
Maximum $500.00

Noxious weeds are opportunistic and take root where the soil exposed, for example. Together we can improve soil health and encourage native plants that have the home field advantage in many ways in our dry climate and soil conditions. Your interest in this conservation program is greatly appreciated and we thank you applying for this grant.

Who Can Apply? Any resident of Douglas County, Colorado can apply for this Cost- Share Grant for approved work on their county property.

How does this Cost – Share Grant work?
1. Applications must be submitted to the District Manager no later than April 20, 2022. Email and digital signatures are acceptable. Applicants may apply for other District grants in the same year.

2. Grant applications are reviewed at the April Meeting of the Board of Supervisors. Applications are ranked according to the District’s set ranking criteria with priority going to applicants without other, outside financial assistance. Notifications of Board decisions are sent out the first week in May to applicants. This Grant will be available until the annual budget is spent.

3. Approved Work is completed and the Proof of Work is submitted no later than October 31, 2022.
Approved Work is defined as work in controlling List A and B Noxious Weed Species, as defined by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Work in the form of biological (beneficial insects and/or goats), chemical applications by contracted labor and contracted labor that applicants pay for on their county property is applicable to this grant.
Cost – Share Grants require us to share the cost of this work, up to $500.00 on our side. The award amount shall not exceed $60.00 per acre. Biological, chemical applications by contractors and contracted labor is applicable to the Cost -Share Grant. The applicants own labor and landscaping costs are
not available for Cost – Share Grants.”

“Proof of Work is two items
A. photos both before and after illustrating a difference at the same location and
B. paid invoices for approved work.

Helpful Resources
Douglas County Conservation District
Contact your District for help or additional information.
(303) 218 – 2622 or
– Soil Resources
– Noxious Weed Resources

Colorado Department of Agriculture
– Noxious Weed Lists noxious-weed-species

Palisade Insectary for biocontrols for weed management. These are especially helpful around trees and riparian areas where chemical applications are not ideal.

Colorado State University Extension Office, Douglas County
– Colorado Environmental Pesticide Education https://

– Natural Resources (water, soil, wildlife, plants)