What’s Up At The Metro Board – Septempber 2016

September 6, 2016

All Board members were present and the meeting commenced at 5:00 pm.

VISITORS – Mr. Dave Hamling, a Red Rock Road resident attended the meeting and discussed his concerns regarding the drivers not adhering to the posted speeds on Red Rock.

MINUTES – The minutes for the August District meeting were reviewed and approved. They are available on the website www.perrypark.org.


Financials – Sept 1, 2016

Receipts               $3,586
Disbursements   $4,660
Cash Account     $475,895

There were no major expenses this month. The majority of the expenditures were the payout of seven resident mitigation grants totaling $2,864.

The first draft of the 2017 budget was presented in preparation for future discussions prior to final approval at the Dec. Board meeting.

DAFFODIL PROGRAM The daffodils have been ordered and will be available for distribution to participants at the Gateway Entrance around the end of Sept. A notice will be sent when they are available.

TRAIL AND BUFFER PROJECT – Keith Worley was not present for the meeting, but his report was available for review. It provided the initial cost projections for roughing in six new trails at a cost in the mid $40,000 range. Keith will be firming up the projections with actual bids, and we anticipate commencing work on the Bannock Trail within the next couple of months. We will be reviewing the Wauconda Pass Trail studies performed by the Colorado School of Mines in the early 2000’s to assist us in considering the Wauconda Pass Trail. We know have enough preliminary information to begin preparing a public presentation of our current thoughts for the overall trail system. We will place maps for the proposed trails on the District web site and follow with the initial background information shortly.

GATEWAY/GILLOON & WAUCONDA & BIG “D” PARKS – Douglas County plans for the Gateway entrance will take some time to progress and we will continue to work with the County as they hopefully move forward. Our Gateway rejuvenation efforts will be paired with the County’s efforts. We obtained permission for PPW&S to do a water tap for irrigation once our new landscaping efforts take place.

Now that the weather permits, Chris is back again tackling the reed reduction at Gilloon Pond.

Our third party effort at grass cutting the various areas of the Park was not up to par and Chris and Walt did what is hopefully the final cut for the year with their lawn tractors. Very preliminary discussion was held on next year’s plan for maintaining our grounds and will be discussed later in the year as we prepare for next year’s plans.

TECH ISSUES –Six Mobile CB phones for future emergency control use have been received and will be distributed to the directors for their use when an emergency requires.

Bids have been received for the new Red Rock Road traffic sign and we are preparing the information for Douglas County approval of the location and actual signs to be used. We are midway through the actual process and hope to have the sign up and operating within the next couple of months.

Jim Cassidy is preparing the resident survey relative to the individual experiences of electrical services are being performed in the Park and an IREA representative will be attending the October Board meeting to discuss if we can expect in improvements in our aging utility services.

SLASH PICK-UPFall Slash Pick-up starts Oct 1. Stack it HIGH and one big pile please. Weather permitting, a February burn of this year’s collected slash is planned. See the District web site for zone maps and instructions.

FREE MULCH – The mulch program has ended and will not be re-instated.

RESIDENT MITIGATION GRANT PROGRAM – This year’s resident grant program is now CLOSED for applications. Resident’s work is progressing and distributions are taking place. All work must be completed with receipts processed no later than Nov. 15 with all grant distributions completed by the Dec. Board Meeting.

ROAD REPAIRS – The Douglas County will be paving #105 from Tomah to Perry Park Ave this month.

OTHER MATTERS – The District was active with those attempting to rescue the mistreated geese at the Gateway Lake, unfortunately to no avail. It appears the wounded geese all died. The disrespect for animal humanity was harshly brought to the attention of area residents who observed the geese with darts/arrows projecting from their heads and hopefully resident participation will prevent a future occurrence.

Derek presented information on FEMA’s CERT Training available to all residents and information is posted on the District web site (click here to view). CERT educates individuals about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.